TIMCO Industry is a proprietary system that collects and analyses hundreds of data points from production lines in real time. This allows full visibility of production and tuning of packaging lines to minimise losses.

TIMCO Industry is a new generation of IT solution that can capture data from devices supplied by different manufacturers. It is a fully vendor-independent solution.

Reports from the system comply with the reporting requirements of the e-mark (℮) ‘average system’ under European Union Directive 76/211/EEC.


Do you have many different sources of data from your packaging line? Do you need to use different systems to control your packaging line? We can combine everything in one system TIMCO. 
This gives many advantages such as:

  • Full overview by the operator of essential production data in real-time
  • A long-term set of production data to help improve overall performance e.g. OEE
  • Traceability of production for food safety compliance

We may record data from all your devices. Video cameras can be added and synchronised with the data received from other devices.

In addition to the cameras, other sensors can be installed e.g. air temperature, oil pressure in hydraulic systems, pressure sensor in pneumatic systems, dust sensor, noise sensor, current and voltage power supply etc.


  • Automated detection of anomalies in the production process
  • Automated archiving of measurement data and video images
  • Automated monitoring of production processes
  • Automated notification of failures

Feedback control can provide substantial savings in raw material consumption. TIMCO has developed both traditional feedback control mechanisms as well as artificial intelligence algorithms where the system learns from past performance.

With the very large set of data captured and collected in the TIMCO Industry solution, a full range of data analysis and reporting is possible. 
Benefits include:

  • Range of reports from overview of yearly production to individual shift performance
  • Being able to pinpoint production bottlenecks
  • Consumption of raw material, packaging material, energy and water by product
  • Standard reports conforming to European Union Directives e.g. e-mark (℮) compliance with the requirements of the ‘average system’ under Directive 76/211/EEC.


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