We offer a secure solution to store confidential data in a private cloud environment hosted on your premises or in our Swiss datacenter.

Many organisations, such as the CERN – European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva, for legal reasons and privacy concerns cannot use providers such as Dropbox and other online services to store their sensitive data.

TIMCO Cloud Drive enables businesses to take advantage of the same state of the art technologies as used and tested by thousands of physicists working at CERN.

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Modern on premises data storage solution.
Replace traditional servers with the latest cloud-based technologies that enable easy and secure file sharing – without compromising on privacy.


Retain 100% physical control of data. 
With on premises storage in a private cloud environment only you can decide whether to share the data with any third parties. Our solution protects data from foreign surveillance.


Detection of potential threats.
Monitor file usage and detect unusual data access patterns before any data leak occurs. Receive alerts in case of hacking attempts from outside.


Maximum throughput in the local network. 
Private cloud hosted on premises allows highest files transfer speed rates, and access to data at all times, even if Internet connection is down.


Data encryption with strongest algorithms. 
In case of hardware theft or intrusion, encrypted data on hard disks remains inaccessible to third parties. Without a special decryption key, which is only known to you, it is impossible to decrypt your data.


Standards compliant. 
Businesses are legally obliged to comply with standards to ensure privacy and protection of customers’ data. Our solution meets and exceeds these standards, and our legal experts can help you understand the legal implications.




Free consultation with our data security experts and presentation of existing solutions.


Identification of data and systems that need protection, classification of data sensitivity, and definition of control access policies.


Implementation and deployment of solutions to achieve a desired protection level.


Support and commitment to answering questions and resolving issues quickly and effectively.


We tailor configuration of TIMCO Cloud Drive to meet individual and specific needs of each business. We seamlessly integrate our solution into existing environments. We offer any combination of deployment options, such as:

  •  External encrypted backups
  •  Multiple sites via secure VPN
  •  Threat monitoring with Machine Learning algorithms
  •  Integration with anti-virus scanning
  •  Backup notifications by email
  •  Support plan

Our solution fulfils requirements for compliance with strict standards to ensure privacy and protection of customers’ data.

TIMCO Cloud Driveyour files are stored on your own premises and are encrypted with a key only known to you. Nobody can access your data without the encryption key. Hacking attempts are detected instantly.

Dropboxkeeps a copy of your password and encryption keys. Anyone who manages to hack Dropbox’s system can get your files. As you have no control of Dropbox systems you may never find out about the security breach.

TIMCO Cloud Drivemakes it physically impossible to access your files. Nobody, except you, can see your files and it is physically impossible to access your data by third parties without your consent.

Dropboxadministrators can see your files and are legally obliged to share them with authorities upon request or when they determine that such disclosure is reasonably necessary, often without your knowledge. (see Dropbox Privacy Policy)

TIMCO Cloud Drivestores your data on your own premises, which means that the data remains under the same jurisdiction where your business operates. For example, in Switzerland your data is protected under strict Swiss Privacy Law.

Dropboxstores all data in the United States, and your data is under the US Privacy Law.

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